Week 1 - Coming off the hormonal contraceptive pill

Bath bombs have made this week marginally more bearable.

Please note, this post contains details which some people may be disgusted or embarrassed by. However, I think this is really important to talk about! If you’re grossed out by female issues, you probably shouldn’t read this post. Yes, that means periods!

Week one has brought some really weird side effects. I was worried my period would last longer than normal, but it stopped right when it was meant to. However, it stopping came with terrible breast pain and permanently erect nipples (which I found hilarious, although it was a bit annoying!). Luckily both of these things have now subsided, but were very uncomfortable while they persisted.

I’ve also been experiencing really weird cravings, mainly for salty food and carbs. They’ve been very specific though – things like mashed potato and gravy, or plain rice and soy sauce. I found it really strange because I HATE mashed potato, the texture makes me feel physically sick. Luckily I bought some gravy granules for a roast dinner I made a little while ago! These cravings have been really strong, much more so than any I’ve experienced before. I felt like my body was going to implode if I didn’t get what I was craving, so I decided to just let my body have what it wants. I know I should probably be eating healthy this week, but I’ve just not been feeling it.

Those side effects were annoying, but superficial. However, I’ve noticed some really negative effects on my mood and motivation. I’m about to go back to university, and I’m normally super excited to be going back; my energy levels generally peak at the beginning of the academic year. However, I’ve felt bad this week. I’ve had no motivation and generally been in a bad mood, the kind where you just want to lie in bed and never get up. I’ve also been much more emotional, and have cried at silly things (something definitely not part of my personality). I’m pretty disciplined so I’ve forced myself to do housework and go out, but I’ve not managed to work up to the reading I know I should be doing before I go back to uni. I really hope I can shake this off before I have to start studying!

That’s about all I’ve noticed this week. Check back again next week for another update, and have a wonderful day!

- Bethan

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