Deaf Cat Cafe (A Vegan Guide to Medway)

A Vegan Guide to Medway is a series of brief posts highlighting my favourite vegan-friendly businesses in the Medway area.

Deaf Cat Café in Rochester has been my go-to food stop in Rochester for a number of years now. Although their options are somewhat limited, they’ve consistently had vegan options for the entire time I’ve been a customer.

Deaf Cat’s coffee is lovely, and they always have professional quality soy milk in stock. They also have a wide range of herbal tea available. I’d definitely recommend it for an afternoon break. They also sell Doves Farm cookies, of which quite a few are vegan, so you’ll have the option of a sweet treat alongside your drink!

If you’re wishing for something more substantial, you can opt for a sandwich – the Anchor Foods hummus and chickpeas sandwich should be in the fridge, although they may be sold out if you arrive a little later in the day.

The café décor has a cosy vintage feel, with antique tea pots lining the walls, making it a perfect refuge from the oncoming autumn chill. The only major downside is how dark the interior is.

Would you like me to write about a specific Medway establishment? You can recommend somewhere in the comments below.

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